Hei gung 氣功 – Cantonese version of qi gong in Mandarine Chinese, pronounce as “chee kung”. Traditional concept of hei gung is exercise with concentration on soft move and deep breathing. In general it is a system of movements with focus on prevention stagnation of “hei” or even worse – blocking of this life energy in meridians which is delivering this life power or energy through the whole body.

From the western point of view we can speak about movement with mind concentration and work on structural position of human body with orientation on moves and power coming from tendons.

There is nothing magical about it, it is just a type of exercise suitable for stress relaxation – either physical and psychical.

Basis of this exercise come from traditional martial art moves and traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine.

We are offering individual trainings with regard to specific needs of our client and also specialized trainings for clients 50+.

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