Lukas Slavicek sifu

Lukas Slavicek sifu – started practicing martial arts around 1995 and with Chinese traditional martial arts in 1998 with Wing Chun in Czech Republic.

In 2003, he went to China for the first time with his sifu Ivan Rzounek. He then went back there a couple of times and in the 2009 he moved to live there until the end of 2018.

Lukas Slavicek was practicing Choi Lei Fat with many various weapons and since end of year 2010 he started with Fatsan Bak Mei as personal student of Ling Hon Kit. He totally fell for this style. In his words: “I’m fascinated by the possibilities of the human body to explode from any position, that’s the main reason why I was absolutely captivated by this style from the moment I first saw it in 2009 at a spontaneous demonstration in a restaurant somewhere on the outskirts of Fatsan. It’s an unforgettable experience for me to this day.”

In 2016, he went to Beijing and started Beijing wrestling and made couple of injuries. It took him into Southern Mantis style.

Lukáš Slavíček
Our teacher Lukáš Slavíček, in addition to several appearances on Chinese television, also starred in the Czech action series, where he fights against the odds as a Taxi driver “Kung Fu Fanda”.